Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's Break Open The Box

Response to Intervention is an essential learning model in education.

For years as a teacher and an administrator, I toggled between general and special education - knowing that both rested upon the common principles of best instructional practice - yet both fields remained unnecessarily divided as separate and distinct entities.

At its core, Response to Intervention removes the professional titles and student labels that keep us boxed in from supporting students in ways they need us.

In simplest terms, RTI is the strategic matching of educator expertise with students' needs in a responsive way.  

That's it.  It's time to break open the box.  It is so simple and effective in practice.

Yes, there are challenges in achieving this goal, but it's a goal worth striving for and it is attainable.
Every student can learn to high levels, and that is a gift for life.

I believe we are onto one of the best movements in education and it invigorates me to be part of it.

Let's break open the box.

The RTI Network
Intervention Central

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