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Lessons for a Prinicipal from a 9 Year Old Boy

I assume you are one of the millions that are as inspired as I am by "Caine's Arcade," the endearing story of a boy who created his dream from the ground up - out of cardboard.  Every time I watch these videos, I flash back to my own childhood, where I fashioned tents out of sticks and blankets, and sailed homemade boats in puddles.  I flash forward to my students now, as I observe them engineer "houses wired with electricity" and "robots with solar system adaptations."  Creativity is timeless.  It is without age, gender or demographic.  It can be executed independently or collaboratively.  It promotes critical thinking and reflection.  It magnetically connects people to people. 
Caine's Arcade

Caine's Arcade 2:  From A Movie to a Movement

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I showed "Caine's Arcade" to my own eight year old daughter and right away, she located a cardboard box and made her own arcade game.  Seven mo…