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My #ISTE13 Reflections

It has been a week since returning from ISTE13 in San Antonio, Texas and I have had some time to reflect, read fellow colleagues' ISTE13 posts and share with colleagues in my own district. This is one of the many understated gifts of ISTE; learning is not over at the conclusion of the conference.  In fact, I think it’s after the conference when much of the value of ISTE is actually realized.  I cannot help but return to same thought over and over again.  ISTE is less a technology conference, and more about a community of educators celebrating ways to the disrupt the industrial model of education, and specifically, how to innovate within the traditional, rigid structures of schooling.  The more I think about this, the more I am inspired to relentlessly adapt, create and innovate, in order to contribute to this sweeping movement in education.  We critically need change.  (Thank you to @gcourosfor sharing his inspirational ISTE13 talk a…