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Safe Digital Citizenship
Sandra A. Trach
Principal Magazine November / December 2013

@ASCD quote from "An Ethos of Learning"

Reaching Upward and Outward by Literacy in Learning Exchange @NCLE

I am honored and delighted that @NCLE shared one of my posts in their article Reaching Upward and Outward, and my school's leadership and learning!

An Ethos of Learning

Roland S. Barth shared in his seminal book Learning by Heart (2001), that schools should possess an “ethos hospitable to the promotion of human learning.”  As I have endeavored through massive leadership and learning changes, Barth’s words have become a truism for me.  Whether navigating a curriculum change, supporting different forms of professional learning, or problem-solving a complex issue (or usually all of the aforementioned at the same time), I ask myself, “How is what we are doing promoting an ethos hospitable to learning?”  Inevitably the responses to this question have led the way to culturally transformative levels of learning in our school.  Given that instructional cultures grow best organically and synergistically, (and this has been the case for mine), I would simply add that when change is nurtured with innovation, support and feedback, the rate of growth is exponential, and the direction of growth flows in intended and unintended directions.
In our sch…