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The Heart of Teaching and Learning

As the Estabrook School Principal in Lexington, Massachusetts (United States), I am honored and humbled to lead 80 expert faculty and staff, who teach me everyday about their wise and wonderful gifts for students.I am profoundly inspired by their exemplary content knowledge, and in awe of their sophisticated pedagogical skills. At the heart of our strong school culture, sustained high achievement and progressive instructional practice, are three core teaching practices that continually inspire extraordinary levels of student learning.

A rising tide lifts all boats
Collaboration is the heart of our practice.Since we share students within and across classrooms, teachers are mutually invested in each other’s success.We know that supporting a colleague is supporting a student.Just as we see our students from a strengths-based perspective, we see our teacher colleagues in the same light.

(Pictured: Estabrook School student self-reflects on the SMARTBoard about which learning station supported…