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Inspired Instructional Coaching

Inspired Instructional Coaching
Sandra A. Trach
November / December 2014

The Hero of Personalized Learning

Much is emerging and still to be learned about how to effectively personalize learning for every student.The research on student learning is solid and reliable direction for educators on how to put together the personalized learning pieces.For example, we know students succeed when learning in their Zone of Proximal Development (Vygotsky) – sometimes referred to as “the sweet spot of learning.”This learning theory, coupled with setting objectives and providing feedback (Marzano, Hattie), and linked with autonomy, mastery and purpose (Pink) makes for a compelling trifecta.These elements start to triangulate our thinking around the idea of how to truly personalize learning uniquely for each student.Indeed, the proposition of achieving that learning trifecta poses a tremendous opportunity for students, teachers and parents, balanced with weighty reality of this being an educational feat.Schools today are striving to achieve personalized learning for every one of their students - everyda…