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The 3 Prongs of Principal Voice

I was privileged to be a student of Dr. Quaglia's teaching on the power of principal voice at the NAESP16 in National Harbor, MD. You can find my article entitled The 3 Prongs of Principal Voice at NAESP (National Association of Elementary School Principals) inspired by Dr. Quaglia's 2016 NAESP keynote. You can also find Dr. Quaglia's book on Principal Voice here and his research here. Join me in studying his timely and important research on student, teacher and principal voice. It will reaffirm your beliefs and strengthen your leadership commitment to make a difference for each and every person. Thank you Russ!

Be Your School’s Inspirational Leader: Key Steps

I had the honor of listening and learning from Principal Kafele at NAESP16 in National Harbor, MD, as he talked about The Principal 50, an essential compendium of professional self-reflection questions for school leaders.

You can find my article entitled Be Your School's Inspirational Leader: Key Steps on Principal Kafele's work.

Kafele emphasizes the importance of your leadership signature and the power of leadership intentionality. What is intentional is believed, and what is intentional gets done. He encourages, inspires and challenges all leaders to reflect on their practice. What evidence do you have that your school or district reflects your leadership signature? In the words of Kafele, "Leaders should look in the mirror and say...

Throw Out A Lifeline: The supports that can help new school leaders stay afloat in the principalship

Thank you NAESP for the opportunity to share Throw Out A Lifeline: The Supports That Can Help New School Leaders Stay Afloat in the Principalship in the May/June 2016 issue of Principal!

Unconferences! Changing the Way We Facilitate Professional Learning

Thank you to #NAESP16 for allowing me to share Unconferences! Changing the Way We Facilitate Professional Learning. I am inspired by the passion and energy at #NAESP16, and hope you find unconferences to be practical to your leadership and learning. You can find the PowerPoint presentation here and PDF handouts here. Attendees can also download the presentation from the NAESP16 app.

Three core goals of the presentation:
Learn why an unconference is supportive to professional learningReview best practice research on professional learningDesign an unconference in your school to promote adult learning, student growth and positive morale Over my years as a principal, it took me many attempts to design the "just right" professional learning sessions for our rapidly growing and dynamically talented staff. In fact, I'll admit that no matter how hard I tried, no "one" professional learning fit everyone's needs. I wanted to change that somehow.
Then we tried unconfer…